Scottish Country Dancing Instructions

Original by Douglas J Dean 10/2/2002.

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General Description of Scottish Dancing and its Origins
Background to Scottish Country Dancing
Modern Scottish Country Dancing
Communication, Looking, Covering and Hands
Basic Reels
Reels of 3. Reels of 4
Reels of the side: Parallel, Mirror Image, and Rotationally Symmetric Reels
Reels of 3, Sheet ‘A’
Reels of 4, Sheet ‘B’
More about Reels
6 Bar Reels
Double Mirror Image Reels - ‘Gates of Edinburgh Reels’
Double Parallel Reels - ‘Cadger’s Reels’
Reels with rotational symmetry, Sheet ‘C’
Inveran Reels
Inveran Reels Sheet ‘D’
Flight of the Falcon Reels
Half Flight of the Falcon Reels
Rights and Lefts, and Grand Chains
Rights and Lefts, and Grand Chains
Standard Rights and Lefts
Four and Three Couple Grand Chains
More Rights and Lefts
Diagonal Rights and Lefts
Three Couple Rights and Lefts
Diagonal Rights and Lefts, Sheet ‘E’
Kelloholm Jig
Three Couple Rights and Lefts, Sheet ‘F’
Ladies’ and Men’s Chains
Double Triangles and Corners
Double Triangles, Sheet ‘G’
1st and 2nd corners
Poussette in Reel Time
Poussette in Reel Time, Sheet ‘H’
Strathspey Poussette
Strathspey Half Poussette
Poussette in Strathspey Time, Sheet ‘I’
The Knot, a progressive figure for two couples
Full Rondel, usually in Strathspey time
Half Rondel
Tournee, Progressive movement in 8 bars
The Italienne
Set and Link
Set and Link for Two Couples
Set and Link for Three Couples
The Scottish Dance Language