Douglas’ Notes

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Scottish Country Dancing Instructions
Description of the history of Scottish Country Dancing, explanations with diagrams of the common formations, and a glossary of the language used in describing the dances. Here are his instructions as one large document (250K).
The Rodney Rooms Dances
Dances by Douglas.
The Rodney Rooms Dances - Second Set
More dances by Douglas.
Celebration Dances In The Rodney Rooms Tradition
Celebration dances including Bracknell’s 50th.

Demonstration Dances

These are not necessarily Scottish Country dances. The Lancers and Quadrilles are what used to be danced in polite society in the 19th century. The older dances can have many different versions.

The Lancers
See Wikipedia on Les Lanciers.
The Quadrilles
See Wikipedia on the Quadrille.