A Tour in Turin

Ladies’ Version:



1 - 2

1st and 2nd Lady cross diagonally to the Men’s side of the dance, 2nd Lady passing in front of 1st. Meanwhile Men cross to partners’ original place. (As in Espagnole)

3 - 4

1st Man changes places with 2nd Lady giving Rt. hand, and 2nd Man with 1st Lady giving Lt. hand.

5 - 8

1st Lady with 2nd Man and 3rd Cpl. repeat bars 1 to 4.

9 - 14

2nd Man with 3rd Lady followed by 3rd Man with 1st Lady lead up and cast round 1st Man and 2nd Lady respectively to third place. 3rd Man with 1st Lady following to 2nd place.


All take hands and set on side lines.

Men’s Version:

1 - 16

1st Man with 2nd Lady, 3rd Man with 1st Lady and 2nd Man with 3rd

Lady repeat bars Ladies’ Version with the Men crossing diagonally.


Finish 3rd Man with 2nd Lady at the top, 1st Man with 3rd Lady in second place and the 2nd Man with 3rd Lady at the bottom of the set.