TOURNEE   Progressive Movement in 8 Bars




1st and 2nd Cpl’s dance in towards their own partners, 1st Man turns Lt. at the end of the step to finish on his partners Lt.  taking promenade hold.

At the same time the 2nd Lady turns to the Rt. to finish on her partners Rt. also taking promenade hold. 1st Cpl. finish facing the Men’s side and the 2nd Cpl. the Ladies side with the Men standing Lt. shoulder to shoulder.

2 - 4

1st and 2nd Cpl’s wheel round halfway anticlockwise,

Finish with the men turning the Ladies in front of them to all end in a straight line up and down the dance with the Ladies back to back and their partners facing them.

5 - 8

1st Cpl. turn 1½ times with the Lt. hand and dance out to s ides in 2nd place own side of the dance. 2nd Cpl. do likewise with the Rt. hand.