Dances in local programmes 2010-2011
Dance Description Count
Montgomeries' Rant, The R8x32   3C/4 11
Byron Strathspey, The S3x32   3C 10
Scott Meikle R4x32   4C 10
Mairi's Wedding R8x40   3C/4 9
Wind on Loch Fyne, The S3x32   Triang. 9
Butterscotch and Honey S4x32   4C 8
Irish Rover, The R8x32   3C/4 8
Joie de Vivre J8x32   3C/4 8
Maxwell's Rant R8x32   3C/4 8
Mrs Stewart's Jig J8x32   3C/4 8
Reel of the 51st Division, The R8x32   3C/4 8
Dancing Master, The J96     Sq. 7
Inchmickery J5x32   5C 7
James Gray J4x32   4C 7
Minister on the Loch, The S3x32   3C 7
Neidpath Castle S3x32   3C 7
Pelorus Jack J8x32   3C/4 7
Reel of the Royal Scots, The R8x32   3C/4 7
Silver Tassie, The S8x32   3C/4 7
Anniversary Reel R4x32   4C 6
Cherrybank Gardens S3x32   3C 6
Culla Bay S4x32   Sq. 6
Deil Amang the Tailors, The R8x32   3C/4 6
Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder J128    Sq. 6
Jennifer's Jig J8x32   3C/4 6
Machine Without Horses, The J8x32   3C/4 6
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan R5x32   5C 6
Polharrow Burn R5x32   5C 6
Starry Eyed Lassie, The J8x32   3C/4 6
White Heather Jig, The J4x40   4C 6
Belle of Bon Accord, The S4x32   4C 5
Bratach Bana R8x32   3C/4 5
Clutha R4x48   Sq. 5
Flying Spur, The J8x32   3C/4 5
Highland Rambler, The R8x40   3C/4 5
Hooper's Jig J8x32   3C/4 5
Major Ian Stewart J8x32   3C/4 5
Miss Gibson's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 5
Miss Milligan's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 5
Monymusk S8x32   3C/4 5
Postie's Jig J4x32   4C 5
Robertson Rant, The S80     Sq. 5
Ship in Full Sail, The J5x32   5C 5
Sugar Candie S8x32   3C/4 5
Trip to Bavaria, A R4x32   4C 5
West's Hornpipe R4x32   4C  (Hp) 5
Black Mountain Reel, The R5x32   5C 4
Borrowdale Exchange, The R32  3C/RtR (x3) 4
City of Belfast S3x32   3C 4
Cumberland Reel J4x32   4C 4
Diamond Jubilee, The J4x32   4C 4
Falls of Rogie, The R8x32   3C/4 4
Frisky, The J8x32   3C/4 4
Good Hearted Glasgow J8x32   3C/4 4
Kilkenny Castle S8x32   3C/4 4
MacLeod's Fancy J4x32   4C 4
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson R8x32   3C/4 4
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran R8x32   3C/4 4
Mrs Milne of Kinneff S4x32   Sq. 4
Music Makars, The R8x32   3C/4 4
Old Nick's Lumber Room J8x32   3C/4 4
Quarries' Jig J8x32   3C/4 4
Reverend John MacFarlane, The R4x32   4C 4
Roselath Cross, The J8x32   3C/4 4
Sailor, The R8x32  3C/4 (Hp) 4
Saint Columba's Strathspey S5x32   5C 4
Shiftin' Bobbins R8x32   3C/4 4
Swiss Lassie R8x32   3C/4 4
Wild Geese, The J8x32   3C/4 4
Alison Rose S4x32   4C 3
Balmoral Strathspey S4x32   4C 3
Best Set In The Hall J8x32   3C/4 3
Blooms of Bon Accord R4x32  4C, 2 Ch. 3
Cape Town Wedding S8x32   3C/4 3
Chequered Court, The J8x32   3C/4 3
College Hornpipe, The R8x32  3C/4 (Hp) 3
Dashing White Sergeant, The R32 3F3/RtR (x6) 3
Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The R8x40   3C/4 3
Duke of Perth R8x32   3C/4 3
Earl of Mansfield, The R4x48   4C 3
Fahyda R8x32  3C/4 (Hp) 3
Fisherman's Reel R5x32   5C/Sq. 3
General Stuart's Reel R8x32   3C/4 3
Gothenburg's Welcome J8x32   3C/4 3
Grand March, The M32     RtR (x?) 3
Haste to the Wedding J8x32   2C/4 3
Jean Martin of Aberdeen S3x32   3C 3
Jubilee Jig, The J8x32   3C/4 3
Ladies of Dunse, The R8x40   3C/4 3
Luckenbooth Brooch, The J8x32   3C/4 3
MacDonald of the Isles S3x32   3C 3
Moray Rant, The S3x48   3C 3
Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich R8x32   3C/4 3
Muirland Willie J8x32   3C/4 3
None so Pretty R8x40   3C/4 3
Piper and the Penguin, The R88     Sq. 3
Saltire Society Reel, The R8x32   3C/4 3
Wee Cooper o' Fife, The J8x40   2C/4 3
White Cockade, The R8x32   3C/4 3
Barley Bree J4x40   4C 2
Cashmere Shawl, The S8x32   3C/4 2
Catch the Wind R8x32  3C/4 (Hp) 2
Cooper's Wife, The (2) J8x40   3C/4 2
Cuckoo Clock, The R8x32   3C/4 2
Dancing Man, The R8x32   3C/4 2
Dhoon, The J4x32   4C 2
Dream Catcher, The S96     Sq. 2
Dundee Whaler, The S4x32   4C 2
EH3 7AF J8x32   3C/4 2
Findlater Castle R8x32   3C/4 2
Flower o' the Quern, The (1) S4x32   4C 2
Flower Of Glasgow, The S3x32   3C 2
Follow Me Home J8x32   3C/4 2
Fraser's Favourite R8x32   3C/4 2
Gardener's Fantasia, The S3x32   3C/4 2
Garry Strathspey, The S4x32   4C 2
Gentleman, The S8x32   3C/4 2
Glenalmond Gamekeeper, The R8x40   3C/4 2
Indian River Strathspey S3x32   Triang. 2
J.B. Milne R8x32   3C/4 2
Jenny's Bawbee S8x24   2C/4 2
Kelloholm Jig, The J8x32   3C/4 2
Keppoch's Rant S8x32   3C/4 2
Laird of Milton's Daughter, The J8x32   3C/4 2
Last of the Lairds, The J8x32   3C/4 2
Missing Turn, The R8x32   3C/4 2
Napier's Index J8x40   3C/4 2
Peat Fire Flame, The R8x40   3C/4 2
Queen's View, The R8x32   3C/4 2
Recumbent Stone, The R5x48   5C 2
Rose of the North, The S8x32   3C/4 2
Round Reel of Eight R88     Sq. 2
Roxburgh Castle R8x32   2C/4 2
Saint Andrew's Fair J8x32   3C/4 2
Sands of Morar S8x32   3C/4 2
Sauchie Haugh, The S8x32   2C/4 2
Scottish Reform J8x32   2C/4 2
Silver Penny Farthing, The R3x32   3C 2
Singing Sands, The S3x32   3C 2
Summer Assembly, The R88     Sq. 2
Whistling Wind, The R8x32   3C/4 2
1314 S64+R64 Sq. 1
Adieu Mon Ami S8x32   3C/4 1
Airie Bennan J5x32   5C 1
Alltshellach S8x32   2C/4 1
Argyll's Fancy J4x48   4C 1
Australian Ladies  (2) R4x32   4C 1
Autumn in Appin S4x32  4C, 2 Ch. 1
Back to the Fireside R8x32   3C/4 1
Baldovan Reel R4x32   4C 1
Barbara's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 1
Barmkin, The R88     Sq. 1
Bees of Maggieknockater, The J4x32   4C 1
Berwick Johnnie J8x32   3C/4 1
Birks of Invermay, The S8x32   3C/4 1
Blackwater Reel, The R8x32   3C/4 1
Blue Bonnets J8x32   2C/4 1
Bonnie Tree, The S8x32   3C/4 1
Bruce Frazer's Jig J4x32   4C 1
Buchan Eightsome Reel, The R10x40  Sq. 1
Caddam Wood R5x32   5C 1
Capital Jig, A J8x32   3C/4 1
Christine M Phillips J8x32   3C/4 1
Christine's Fancy S3x32   3C 1
Christmas Tree, The (2) R4x48   4C 1
Circle Waltz W32  Circle (x?) 1
Craigmin Brig J4x40  4C, 2 Ch. 1
Cramond Bridge R8x32   3C/4 1
Cranberry Tart, The J8x32   3C/4 1
Crossing the Line R6x32   3C 1
Cutty Sark J8x32   3C/4 1
Duke of Atholl's Reel, The J8x32   2C/4 1
Duke of Roxburgh's Reel R8x32   3C/4 1
Dundee City Police Jig, The J5x32   5C 1
Dundee Reel J8x40   3C/4 1
Dunfermline Glen S8x32   2C/4 1
Eileen Watt's Reel R3x32   3C 1
Equilibrium J8x32   3C/4 1
Espie McNabb J8x32   3C/4 1
Fair Donald S8x32   3C/4 1
Fair Rosamund S3x32   3C 1
Festival Interceltique R40  3P/RtR (x?) 1
Fidget R8x32   3C/4 1
Flowers of Dunbeg R5x32   5C 1
Flowers of Edinburgh R8x32  3C/4 (Hp) 1
Foxhill Court S8x32   3C/4 1
Gang the Same Gate S8x32   3C/4 1
Gay Gordons X16     RtR (x8) 1
Gold in Tassie S4x32   4C 1
Golden Anniversary Strathspey S4x32   4C 1
Greenmantle S3x32   3C 1
Hamilton Rant, The R8x48   3C/4 1
Happy Meeting, The J8x32   2C/4 1
Happy Returns R8x32   3C/4 1
Hogmanay Jig J8x32   3C/4 1
Hollin Buss, The J8x32   2C/4 1
Homecoming Dance, The R4x32   4C 1
Hunter’s Moon J4x32   4C 1
Inverneill House R8x32   3C/4 1
It's Nae Bother J8x32   3C/4 1
James Senior of St Andrews S4x32  4C, 2 Ch. 1
Jim's Haberdashery J8x40   3C/4 1
John of Bon Accord R8x32   3C/4 1
Jubilee Quadrille R88     Sq. 1
Kate's Road to Orkney S4x32   4C 1
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel J8x32   2C/4 1
Lady Dumfries R8x32   3C/4 1
Lady Sophia Lindsay R4x32  4C, 2 Ch. 1
Lass o' Livingston, The R8x32   2C/4 1
Light and Airy J8x32   3C/4 1
Links With St Petersburg J8x32   3C/4 1
Lochalsh Reel, The R8x40   3C/4 1
Lothian Lads R8x32   3C/4 1
Macdonald of the Isles, Five Couples S5x32   5C 1
MacPherson's Jig J3x32   Triang. 1
Margaret Parker's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 1
May Yarker's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 1
Midnight Oil (1) J5x48   5C 1
Milton's Welcome R8x32   3C/4 1
Minard Castle R8x40   3C/4 1
Miss Hadden's Reel J8x32   3C/4 1
Miss Mary Douglas J8x48   3C/4 1
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy S8x32   3C/4 1
Mrs Stuart Linnell R8x40   3C/4 1
My Friend Joe S8x32   3C/4 1
Nottingham Lace R96     Sq. 1
Nurseryman, The J8x32   3C/4 1
Osgood Mackenzie of Inverewe R4x32   4C 1
Peggy's Strathspey S8x32   3C/4 1
Plantation Reel, The R5x32   5C 1
Rakish Highlandman, The J8x40   3C/4 1
Ramadance R8x32   3C/4 1
Ray Milbourne R4x32  4C, 2 Ch. 1
Rest and be Thankful R8x32   3C/4 1
Royal Deeside S4x32   4C 1
Royal Wedding, The S8x32   3C/4 1
Royal Yacht Britannia, The R8x40   3C/4 1
Scotch Mist S5x32   5C 1
Seton's Ceilidh Band J4x64   4C 1
Sheena's Saunter X32  Circle (x?) 1
Silver Strathspey, The S8x32   3C/4 1
Sleepy Maggie R8x32   3C/4 1
S-Locomotion S4x32   4C 1
Snake Pass, The J8x32   3C/4 1
Summer Wooing R8x32   3C/4 1
Tattie Bogle, The (1) J8x32   3C/4 1
Teacher’s Choice (Jig) 1
Teacher’s Choice (Reel) 1
Teacher’s Choice (Strathspey) 1
Tempête, La R48  4C/RtR (x4) 1
Three Sisters, The S8x32   3C/4 1
Tribute to the Borders J8x32   3C/4 1
Up in the Air S8x32   3C/4 1
Virginia Reel R4x40   4C 1
Weathercock, The J4x32   4C 1
Welcome to Dufftown J8x32   3C/4 1
Whistlin' in the Kitchen R8x32   3C/4 1
Willie with His Tartan Trews J8x40   3C/4 1
Wisp of Thistle S8x32   3C/4 1