Four young dancers, an impression by Barbvara McQuillan

Anything goes. Have you something you’d like other members to see/hear/experience? Here’s the spot.

Corona Dance Nghts - Rita Gosney
Rita set up a number of dances for us to dance at home during the pandemic with Zoom meetings.

Listen to David Talbot talking about us on Radio Berkshire
Richard Skinner on Saturday (MP3 7Mbytes) (10.50am Sat 27th Oct 2007) An excerpt from the programme where he talks to one of our members, David Talbot, about the health benefits of Scottish Country Dancing.
David sadly died of MND a few years after this talk. He is very much missed.
Radio Berkshire is on 104.1 104.4 95.4 & 94.6 FM DAB and online

Auld Lang Syne - David McQuillan
Do you know the words? - I didn’t. So I tried to find them out, but sometimes an answer isn't black and white.

Dance Difficulty - David McQuillan
How I assess dance difficulty in the lists in resources. Actually I don't - I try to get an assessment from essentially nothing more than lists of programmes. Probably for those who - well, actually, I don’t think many people would be interested!