Events in the area

Please see the RSCDS Berks/Hants/Surrey Border Branch Scottish Country Dance Diary for events in the area.

Club Diary

The Bracknell Reel Club meets at the Bullbrook Community Centre at 8pm on Thursdays from September to the end of May. We finish at 10pm.

Beginners are welcome on all nights, please tell us in advance if you are coming.

Our teachers are: Anne Whillis, Peter Loveland and Sarah Whillis. All are welcome, in fact encouraged, to try taking an evening (see Preparing a club night or half-night).

 Key  T: - Teacher  S: - Club Night Social

Sep  7Start of Season: David McQuillan
14T: Anne Whillis
21S: Steve and Judy
28T: Sarah Whillis
Oct  5S: Hugh Dalrymple
12T: Anne Whillis
19S: Lilias Anderson
26T: Sarah Whillis
Nov  2Autumn Social: Kathy McCaffrey-Talbot
 9S: Norman Band
16T: Anne Whillis
23S: Penny and Peter
30S: Lilias Anderson
Dec  7T: Anne Whillis
14Christmas Social: Hugh Dalrymple
21*no dancing*
28*no dancing*
Jan  4S: David McQuillan
11T: Peter Loveland
18S: Roy and Rita
25Burns: Bob and Annette
Feb  1T: Peter Loveland
 8S: Hugh Dalrymple
15S: Lilias Anderson
22T: Peter Loveland
29Spring Social: various
Mar  7T: Sarah Whillis
14S: Lilias Anderson
21S: Penny and Peter
23Joint Spring Dance with Camberley at Carnation Hall
28S: Roy and Rita
Apr  4T: Peter Loveland
11S: Bob and Annette
18S: Steve and Judy
25T: Peter Loveland
May  2*local elections*
 9S: Norman Band
16AGM: David McQuillan
23S: Isabel and Lynda
30End of Season: various
Summer Dancing 2024
Jun  6S:
Jul  4S:

No more club dancing till 5th September 2024.