Get hooked on Scottish Country Dancing

Dancing couple by Barbara McQuillan
An impression of Scottish dancing
by Barbara McQuillan :)

Come and do Scottish Country Dancing. It is a social dance in groups. Scottish Country Dancing can be considered as an elegant form of barn dancing like ballroom dancing is the elegant form of dancing in a nightclub. It is fun with a bit of grace.

We are a small social club of mostly beginners and we have a mix of teacher evenings and social evenings. You don’t need to be Scottish. You don’t need to bring a partner. All you need is a pair of soft shoes. It costs no more than a cup of coffee and a biscuit – which you get anyway. And to encourage you to come back your second night is free.

We meet at the Bullbrook Community Centre in Bracknell, Berkshire, on Thursday nights at 8pm from September to May. The hall has a sprung wooden floor just right for dancing on. Come any club night. Phone 0118 979 3024 or click e–mail:contact if you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

About has some answers to what it is and why we do it. In short, it may be seriously addictive – but it’s a great exercise for both body and mind, and it is fun too.

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March 26th Bracknell & Camberley Joint Spring Dance

A program of mostly walked dances to the music of Craigievar, At Carnation Hall,

Free practice nights on Tuesday 22nd at Camberley and Thursday 17th at Bracknell.

See the Notice and cribs and videos.


Covid Precautions

We are taking precautions based on BHS Branch classes and events - precautions due to Covid. We're starting at 8:15pm. Do a lateral flow test soon before Thursday evening, on Tuesday at the very earliest. Please bring your own drink and a biscuit if desired. Bring an extra layer of clothing in case you get cold

New dancers very welcome - but do a lateral flow test please!


What we did during the pandemic

We continued dancing during the pandemic – but at home and over Zoom! See Corona Dance Nights (via Zoom) for our ‘Bible’ of dances, with cribs for a number designed for the occasion by Rita Gosney.

Scottish Country Dancing for Children

St John’s Children’s Class.

Fun for boys and girls on Saturday mornings in Crowthorne, see Notice. Run by a certified teacher. Contact Deborah on 01344 776831.


Prefer to dance during the day rather than in the evening?

The U3A has Scottish Country Dance classes twice a month in Camberley at 2pm on Tuesdays.