Plans for Doug’s Notes

First get the text and diagrams into html reasonably accurately - done.

Put cross-reference links into the instructions - done.

Add the two sets of ‘Rodney Room Daces’ - done.

Put in JavaScript animation of the movements. This will be a bit crude, 4 frames per beat with simple controls but should work on most browsers.

Do some development of a Java animator which can deal with complete dances. This last step is of course a much longer term project!

Java Animation

I plan to do some work on a Java animator, probably develop The Country Dance animation Open Source project which hasn’t had work on it for some time. Its design is pretty close to how I’d intended doing the work anyway. I’d have liked to use SVG but there isn’t enough support from browsers, Flash is another option but I like things to be open.

Far future developments might be a simple isometric 3D option as in early games so the footwork can be seen, and an intelligent point and click front end to put in dances practically straight from Pilling’s and ask questions to resolve problems. The work would be never ending.

I'm also considering making it more like a circuit design program, where the movements correspond to components and can be put on top of one another. The connections could be moved a bit so they line up - using splines for practically everything. The biggest problem I can see is coping with joining hands.

If you’d like to see your dances animated you might like to try:

Scottish Country Dance Animations

You can buy a very reasonably priced CD of animated dances here. There are a couple of impressive demos on the site.