Usually danced in Strathspey Time

Starting positions

The Figure starts with the two couples facing their own partner across the dance and is danced with ones own partner. It is very occasionally danced with three couples.

It is very similar to an inverted Allemande.

Assume it is the 1st couple who are above the 2nd and are going to progress to below them.



1 - 2

Both couples turn their partner with their right hands half way, finishing with the Men turning the Ladies under arm so that all face down in the centre of the dance in Allemande hold.

3 - 4

Followed by the 1st couple the 2nd couple curves round and up the Ladies’ side to 1st Ladies place, 1st couple is in 2nd Ladies place. Both couples are still in Allemande hold and are facing up the dance.

5 - 8

Both couples, covering each other, drop right hands and commence a gentle, long handed, left hand turn to finish dropping hands to dance into place on own sides of the dance having progressed.


At the start of the turn the man takes very short steps and remains on the Ladies’ side of the dance until his partner is fully across the dance. The man then moves across towards his own side while completing the next quarter turn in the centre of the dance before all dance out to place.