man 1 circle

= men

lady 1 square

= ladies

Sheet ‘I’

End of Bar 1
During the first bar the couples dance in towards the centre to take both their partner’s hands and turn into a diagonal line as in the figure with their arms raised gently to the sides.

End of Bar 2
During the 2nd bar both couples dance out to the side, and dance a quarter turn still keeping their arms out to the side of the dance as in the figure.

End of Bar 3
During the 3rd bar both couples dance into the centre of the dance and draw their elbows in ready to dance a close turn.

End of Bar 4
During the 4th bar the couples turn their partners ¾ of the way round and open up their arms into the position as at the end of Bar 1.

The dancers now repeat bars 3 to 4 having changed places. The dancers then fall back to own place on bar 8.

In a half poussette the dancers commence the figure as at the end of bar 1 having got into position at the end of the previous figure. They then dance the next 3 bars failing back on bar 4 to their own side having progressed.